Could cheese and wine make you slim?

Could cheese and wine make you slim?

This health article goes out to most of the women out there as I am sure this will truly excite them.

There is nothing more ladies love to do than to unwind after a long week or day with a good glass of red wine and treat the pellet to some good cheese. Oh let’s not forget a good book to boot as well.

But the truth is, if you are looking to get slimmer, you might be on the right track according to recent speculation. With this information cheese and wine could become our staple diet here at head quarters. lol

Researchers have been observing the French diet which does not appear to be healthy, yet they remain slim.

They can only attribute this to what they call the “French Paradox”, which is a combination of red wine and blue cheese.

It is believed that the procyanidins and resveratrol in red wine protects against heart disease and the anti-inflammatory properties in blue cheese do much the same thing.

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