Cricketer, Dominic Telo, has no boundaries

dominic telo knows no boundaries

The 29-year-old cricketer from Cape Town, Dominic Telo, has shown some immense talent on the field and has surely made the Portuguese community proud.

Finishing his high school career at Wynberg Boy’s, he managed to have his cricket career take flight at the tender age of 19. In fact, some say that he was just as good as Jacques Kallis when Jacques was his age.


In late 2007 he really found a passion for the sport and his talent did not go unnoticed as he was signed up in 2008 by Derbyshire. Initially, he started out with a two year contract.

The young batsman has also kept it local by playing for the Cape Cobras. Apart from excelling in his cricket career, he is also the head coach at the All Rounder Cricket Academy.