Day 11 – Castrojeriz to Villarmentero de Campos (34.2km)


Alone with myself, the trees bend to caress me, the shade hugs my heart – Candy Polgar.

We stayed at a beautiful little boutique hotel in Castrojeriz last night.

There were two beautifully placed deck chairs outside our room facing a horizon that words cannot explain. They were put to good use as we freshened up and just lay there in awe and a little pain!

Another early morning for us as we started our walk at 07h00. After a kilometer of walking we were faced with what seemed like a 90 degree ascent. We eventually reached the top of the 900 meter ascent and were greeted by a father with his two young children. We hadn’t eaten breakfast and his fruit on display was looking rather delicious. Odette took an apple and two bananas and asked how much she owed. In his broken English he said that she can give what she feels. They don’t sell their products but simply work on a donation system.

The weather was extremely hot today with no shade available bar the occasionally displaced tree. One begins to understand the importance of how we look after our world and the appreciation of nature. We had been walking for a couple of hours under the sun when we spotted a tree. The shade the tree offered was like manna from heaven. I hugged the tree so hard that I scratched my wrists!

We had lunch at Formista just after 15h00 and boy was it hot. One of the pilgrims said that it was 40 degrees today. Another important function on this walk is to rehydrate constantly with water. We arrived at our final destination Villarmentero de Campos at 18h00 after a 34km day.

Odette and myself spend a lot of time motivating each other as at times the going does get tough. We really do make a good hiking team!

The beauty and peace we are experiencing on this trip is just out of this world. Peace is our forth gift we have received on this trip. You will be walking with all your aches and pains but encounter an inner peace that us city people forgot a long time ago.

We have been overwhelmed with messages and prayers of support. Thank you for this and sorry that we cannot reply to everyone. Please know that it means a lot to us and it definitely gives us vooma to achieve our goal.

As the old adage goes, “wish you were here!”

God bless