Day 12 – Villarmentero de Campos to Ledigos (33.4km)


We discovered one of the harsh realities of the Camino today. We walked 17km, with no towns and no shade in between, at 40 degrees and we ran out water.

We left Villarmentero de Campos at 06h30 and one could just tell by looking at the beautiful horizon that today was going to be an absolute scorcher. We had breakfast at 09h00 in a very small and quaint town.

Today has undoubtedly been one of the toughest days we have walked. The temperature was in excess of 40 degrees and there were no trees nor towns for 17km. We were underprepared as we did not have sufficient water on us. I really struggle with the heat and broke out in a terrible heat rash. Odette was great as she reminded me to rehydrate and rest more frequently. I really believed that those 17km were never going to end. Fortunately through the grace of God, myself and Odette finally got to have lunch at 16h00.

The last 6km of our walk was very tough with me taking more than 10 water breaks. We arrived in Ledigos just after 20h00. We had a 14 hour day of walking and covered 34km.

To all the fathers out there I would just like to wish you a happy Father’s Day.

God bless