Day 14 – Bercianos del Real Camino to Leon (44.8km)


It certainly does become a lot easier to start walking at 06h00. One just needs to keep the hot Spanish sun in mind as a motivating factor.

As we left Bercianos del Real Camino, we were greeted by the most beautiful sunrise and myself and Odette just had to remind ourselves of how blessed we are.

The trail today was relatively flat with more than sufficient trees plying their shade. Our first town from departure was just over 7km away and breakfast couldn’t come sooner!

There were less towns and stops on our first part of today’s route but it was comforting to see an increase in pilgrim numbers. We found ourselves saying Bom Camino quite often today.

This walk is really an enchanting trip and you almost get a sense that you going to wake up from a beautiful dream. The landscape, the architecture, the history, spiritual presence and so the list goes on, it’s just special.

I brought my headphones for my music with; guess what? I’ve never used them! There is a constant orchestra of birds singing morning to night showing off their beautiful voices. This walk will tame the hardest man!

Just before lunch myself and Odette were red like tomatoes from the increase in midday temperature. We were reminiscing about how we live comfortable lives, big house, pool, cars and all the other useless material possessions and all we actually wanted was a simple request to cool down. Low and behold we cross a beautiful medieval bridge over the most beautiful river. Yes, God answered our prayers and myself in true Clint Eastwood style jumped into the most refreshing river. There were a couple of pilgrims in the area and they were in complete shock! Odette just said to them, “He’s from Africa!”

Amazing how material things don’t matter anymore on a spiritual walk like this. It’s you, your wife, backpacks and time. Crazy isn’t it? We always yearn for more and sometimes don’t realize that it’s right under our nose, God’s gifts to us, for free.

We had late lunch in Puente Villarente and proceeded to Leon for our last leg of the day. It’s amazing how the numbers in pilgrims walking late afternoon drops significantly.

45km later we arrived in the beautiful and majestical Leon, a hive of activity rich in culture.

We have another 40km walk tomorrow which we are looking forward to.

God bless