Day 16 – Astorga to Rabanal (20.6km)


After a hectic day yesterday we woke up late at 07h00. The first thing myself and Odette spoke about was our experience and encounter with Padre Jose.

We got ready and had breakfast opposite our accomadation. We decided at breakfast that we were going to do our best to find Padre Jose.

We managed to find where he stayed, Casa Sacerdotal. The lady at reception said he was out but said that they were expecting us and that Padre Jose waited for us until midnight. I explained our situation and wrote a 2 page letter to Padre Jose also leaving our contact details.

We left Astorga late at 11h00 and had a 45km walk ahead of us. There were few pilgrims on the trail and it was an oven.

Odette and myself were really knackered and decide to complete a shorter walk of 21km for the day.

We met our first South Africans today at our final destination, Rabanal. It was so exciting and warming to meet fellow South African pilgrims.

We are completely bushed and hopefully will recharge tonight with some well needed rest.

God bless