Day 17 – Rabinal del Camino to Compostilla (35.2km)


Pause your life, walk the Camino and play your soul – dino gomes.

We spent the evening in the sleepy village of Rabanal del Camino. We went out for dinner at 21h30 and both restaurants were closed.

There were quite a few pilgrims staying over and no sign of anyone at this time of the evening. As myself and Odette were walking, you could hear someone playing the flute. The atmosphere was as if we had been taken back in time to Robin Hood’s village, very mystical.

We again started our walk very early and literally walked the mountains for the majority of the day. The short walk yesterday helped our recovery and we were pretty strong.

There were a lot more pilgrims on the walk today. The walk was relatively comfortable but at times had very steep ascents and descents. Fortunately there was sufficient shade for most of the day.

We had breakfast in Foncebadon and being the motorbiking enthusiast that I am, was thrilled to spot an Moto Guzzi in the restaurant.

We reached the highest peak of the Camino, La Cruz de Ferro, at 1,505 metres just after 14h00. The views today from our mountain walk was just absolutely spectacular.

10km later we reached our lunch destination, Molinaseca, another town rich in culture and history. Before we had lunch we jumped into the local river to cool down.

The last stretch to our final destination was tough on us as we became fatigued and dehydrated. At one stage I reminded myself how fortunate we are with all the blessings in our life and what our purpose was for doing this spiritual walk. The nuns at Mother Teresas Missionaries of Charity in Khayelitsha, our chosen charity, also crossed my mind on the selfless lives they lead.

The afternoon legs are chalk and cheese to the morning legs. Having notched up 580km after 17 days of walking, we have less than 200km to cover in the next 6 days.

We reached Compostilla 35km later just after 20h00.

God bless