Day 18 – Compostilla to La Portela de Valcarce (35.1km)


Well, if I ever thought I was a cool guy, boy was I wrong!!! The heat today really melted me down to size.

It was yet another glorious Spanish morning in Compostilla as we departed just before sunrise. We decided that we were going to have breakfast 4km into our walk. Birds were singing, bees were buzzing and pilgrims chatting excitedly to each other.

It another day in between the mountains and we were spoilt for views. One cannot describe the different scents of nature you experience on this walk. There was sufficient shade today but there were great moments today of unbearable heat. We had sufficient water and food supplies. I remembered an old trick today from childhood days; you take a little bit of water in your hands and dampen your ear lobes. Laugh as you may but this really works in cooling you down.

We had a lot of additional short breaks today which also helped our energy levels and morale. Odette and myself are both nursing new blisters and minor injuries. That’s what’s so special about the Camino; you go to bed at night wounded only to wake up the following morning with renewed strength and vigour to start a new day of walking.

We had lunch in Villafranca and with only a few kilometers left to end our day, decided to prolong our well deserved break. As per usual the late afternoon walk is always tough. The sun is out in full force and your body is aching all over. Fortunately the sun only goes down just after 22h00 so there is no rush.

It was a second day in a row of walking 35km and we arrived in La Portela de Valcace at 19h00. Odette was so excited as our accommodation had laundry facilities.

We’ll get to bed early tonight as the 615km we have already walked is definitely taking its toll on us.

God bless