Day 20 – Triacastela to Ferreiros (38.8km)


We stayed in a beautiful room which forms part of the owner’s house in Triacastela.

We actually found the room by fluke after popping in at a bar (coffee shop as we know it) and asking them where we could find accomadation.

That’s what you find on this trip, absolutely friendly and happy souls. Locals are so appreciative and proud of the pilgrims visiting their beautiful country.

We started our morning off cheerful and excited for the day that lay ahead. Again we were up in the mountains but unbeknown to us and 4km into our walk, we had taken the wrong route. This route was via Samos and was an additional 6.4km. As all things happen for a reason, we are glad that we landed up on this route.

Samos is home to one of the largest and oldest Benedictine monasteries in Spain. God works in mysterious ways and the additional 6.4km walk was not an issue.

We eventually met up with our original route in Perros. We proceeded to the beautiful Sarria and had a late lunch there. It was a great opportunity to take our shoes off and to freshen up a bit.

The final part of our walk was met with farmers on tractors plying their trade out on their farms. In this particular section we also saw a lot more cattle grazing and the strong scent of their meals prevailed.

It was a slow walk but yet just so beautiful. One gets a feeling that time does not exist on this walk.

We arrived in Ferreiros just after 21h00 and only to be told that there was no accomadation for us. We were sticky, dirty and sweaty but through the grace of God walked another 1km and found accomadation opposite the Catholic Church. It was an albergue and when I asked the price, this sweet lady said it was her gift to us!

After a tough day up in the mountains, walking an additional 6km, it was the good Lord saying to us, “leave it up to me”.

God bless