Day 4 – Puente de la Reina to Los Arcos (44km)


Having arrived at Puente Le Reina fairly early yesterday it was a great opportunity to catch up on some washing and well needed rest.

The accommodation we were staying at was a hive of activity with pilgrims from all over the world. It was a nice way to spend the Friday afternoon, relaxing and sipping on refreshments, outside on the terrace. Determined pilgrims walked past, each with their own goal.

After having sufficient rest we began the day at 06h30 with the beautiful melodies of birds and slight mist. Now being only day 4 and with so many more to come we have found and experienced so much already. We had barely left the town when we bumped into a Catholic nun on our route. This was just an absolute blessing for us as we had a big and tough day ahead of us.

I’ll probably repeat this over and over but this walk is truly amazing, spiritual and mystical. At times you believe you are dreaming with the visions of scenic beauty that surrounds you.

We arrived at Estella just after 13h00 and this our lunch destination. Pizza and Coke was the order of the day and for those who know me; this is normally a no no but boy was it great!

The remainder of our afternoon walk was exceptionally tough on the body and mind. We caught a lot of rain and fatigue was kicking in quickly. After what felt like days walking we eventually stumbled into Los Arcos on Saturday evening 20h30. We were so cold and wet that the gentleman at our accommodation reception gave us a key immediately for our room and said that we could sort out the formalities later. The concern on his face was very evident!

Needless to say we showered, ate something light and were asleep by 22h00.

God bless