Day 5 – Los Arcos to Navarrete (42km)


Sunday morning 06h00 and we were honestly bushed but together convinced each that the 42km to Navarette would be fine.

Initially the first few kilometres were tough on the feet but after praying the Rosary and a few laughs later we were on track.

The air was cold but the sun warned us up with his beautiful smile. Fortunately the trail was fairly level for most of the day but the 137km we’d racked up the last 4 days was showing it’s face.

We had hourly breaks taking off our backpacks and rehydrating. We were averaging 4km an hour even though it felt like a lot more.

We arrived at beautiful Logrono at 16h00 and had a sumptuous late lunch. We departed at 17h00 and only had 12.3km to our final destination, Navarette.

The rain came down hard for our first hour but despite all of this we still counted our blessings and realised how fortunate we are.

A German couple passed us and it was quite comforting to know that we weren’t the only crazy ones around.

We arrived at Navarette nestled on a mountain just before 21h00.

God bless