Day 6 – Navarrete to Azofra (23km)


We decided the previous evening that we were going to “sleep in” this morning.

We had breakfast at 08h00 and idled around the cobbled streets of Navarette. Odette bought a beautiful watch and came close to giving in to a seasoned saleslady who wanted her to buy a silk scarf as well!

We treated our blisters and rubbed our feet with the legendary Zambuck. As the weather looked promising, sunblock factor 15 was the order of the day.

We left Navarette at 10h00 and the walk again was fairly comfortable but very hot.

You ask what you find on the Camino? The one word we learnt today was appreciation. Appreciate everything you have in your life, sometimes we take the little things for granted. We passed a gentleman well into his seventies who could barely walk and his posture was completely to the right. As we pass him he has the warmest & happiest smile you’ve ever seen in your life & he shouts, Bom Camino!

This trip we have seen and encountered experiences that cannot be written or photographed, it’s just special. Trust me there are signs that are just indescribable.

We arrived in Najera roughly at 14h00 and we spoilt ourselves to some mouth watering paella.

We were on foot an hour later and what we experienced on our way to Azofra was special.

A tractor passes us with a number plate that reads LO-VE and a 4 digit number underneath which I didn’t catch. 30 Minutes later we pass a derelict building in the middle of nowhere and our initials are painted on it. Coincidence or just the power of the Camino?

We arrived in Najera just on 17h00 and booked ourselves into a beautiful little country hotel.

God bless