Day 7 – Azofra to Belorado (37.7km)


Arriving early in Azofra yesterday, coupled with a day of light walking and good rest, made it easy for us to get up this morning.

We had breakfast in Azofra and met up with 2 Mauritians, Gil and Philip; we had walked past yesterday. It shows you how small this world is, as it turns out, Philip was a good friend with one of my work colleagues!

Our destination for today was Granon, a short 22km walk in comparison to what we have been averaging. The trail was beautiful as usual, weather was fresh and pilgrims all over the show. Odette and myself were in good spirits and shared a couple of light hearted moments.

The walk was a lot lighter than we thought and when we arrived in Granon at 15h00 we decided to have lunch and make a call if we should walk a “little” further. Belorado was our decision and as there were quite a few little towns in between, we thought it was realistic.

We probably should have stopped sooner as that “little” walk proved to be an additional 15.7km to our day. The walk was not that treacherous but naturally fatigue and the high mileage we are doing kicked in.

It’s amazing how the volumes of pilgrims walking in the morning differs to that of the afternoon especially late afternoon. I asked Odette at about 18h00 why we hadn’t seen any other pilgrims for a while and her response was simply, “We’re crazy!”

Anyway through the grace of God and all our countless blessings and prayers, we crawled into Belorado just after 20h00 completing 37.7km for the day.

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish my fellow Redskins golfers all the best for their tour in Algarve this week. May the best golfer win and may they keep it on the fairway!

God bless