Day 9 – Ages to Burgos (24km)


We woke up this morning at 06h00 on a very cold morning in Ages.

We had breakfast and started our day early but slowly. Myself and Odette are both struggling with serious ankle injuries and I am also suffering from excruciating shin splints. Despite our slow walk through the beautiful countryside we will still covering good distance.

At one of our breaks, Odette pulled out her wet wipes and started wiping round her ankles and shoes. Being the ever doting husband I am, I couldn’t help but feel sad for her aching ankles. I calmly asked her if she’s going to be ok and she quipped, “I can’t believe the dust around my ankles and shoes, I must keep them clean”. I just burst out laughing.

There weren’t many pilgrims on our route today and the weather eventually turned out to be very hot.

With a population of just under 200,000 people, we arrived in the big city of Burgos 24km later. We visited the beautiful cathedral there, had lunch and actually decided to cut our planned route short by spending the evening here.

I must say that the upside of sore legs are the excellent massages I’ve been getting each evening by Odette!

God bless