Doctors handwriting exposed

Doctors handwriting exposed
By Ahmed Karahisari 1470 (Details of artist on Google Art Project) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Ever gotten remarks that you write like a doctor? The illegible handwriting of doctors has baffled people for many years.

Is that their natural handwriting or is it some kind of universal doctor’s code? How can all doctors have a bad handwriting?

According to Health24, the handwriting of a doctor is deliberate. They write like this as they know that the paper will be filed away and won’t see the light of day that often.

Secondly, when writing a prescription, they know that what is written is just for themselves and the patient to see. This does not make it important to anyone else and they do not have to write legibly.

So if all doctors write like this deliberately, can one doctor decipher another doctor’s handwriting? The simple answer is yes.

Check out: health24

Chilton Mellem
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