Doctors versus the net

Doctors versus the net

When we feel some pain or any kind of discomfort, it is simple to just run to the nearest doctor to have a quick examination.

But with the help of modern technology, going to the doctor might not have to be a first option anymore.

Researchers recently carried out an experiment on 490 adults who had access to regular internet. The idea was for them to lay off the doctor and trust the app for help and guidance. They were split up in groups with a small portion having regular access to the doctor and some who made use of technology.

While face-to-face pain management programs are important, many adults with chronic pain can benefit from programs delivered via the internet, and many of them do not need a lot of contact with a clinician in order to benefit,” said Blake Dear, a psychology researcher.

The results were astounding as there was an 18 percent reduction in disability, 32 percent in anxiety, 36 percent in depression and 12 percent in typical pain levels.

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