#DOG23, before the journey


With less than 20 days left before our journey, where Odette and I will be doing the Camino de Santiago, we have already received so much support.

That is why we would just like to thank all our family, friends and so many others. We cannot do this walk of thanksgiving without your help. Words could not describe the amount of warmth we feel, when we think of all the prayer and rich words of encouragement we have received so far.


This is also to let you know that our training is well on the way and I must admit that I am only getting used to waking up early now. This will be handy as we will try and complete most of our walk in the mornings and early afternoon. By now we are preparing ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually. So far we are able to cover one kilometre in nine minutes. This doesn’t sound like a lot, if you consider an average run takes you roughly five minutes per kilometer but walking is a whole different sport!image

The fitter we have become, the more nervous we are. I would compare it to writing an exam, the more you study the more nervous you become.

Also, a big thank you to those who have donated money to the Missionaries of Charity. We are so grateful and happy to announce that we are just R6000 away from our intended target. This fundraising account is administered by Monsignor Stokes of the Catholic Archdiocese of Cape Town. You can still donate by clicking HERE.

Don’t forget that you can follow our journey by going to the #DOG23 tab to see our photo gallery, which will be updated on a daily basis.