E-cigarette concept up in smoke

E-cigarette concept up in smoke

We have all seen them puffing around on their electronic cigarettes, or more correctly named the e-cigarette.

Because they do not contain all the harmful substances an actual cigarette contains, we see these smokers indulging in their habit in places of public, such as malls and restaurants.

The main reason why people switch to these electronic devices is because they were sold the idea that they are safer than normal cigarettes. Thus, they have switched in an attempt to be safer.


But how safe are these cigarettes really? According to a study, they can still cause damage to the lungs of the smoker as well as people in their surroundings. The real truth is that the water vapour that gets omitted from the cigarette, attacks the epithelial cells which line and protect the lung from harm.

“Epithelial cells are the first line of defence in our airways. They protect our bodies from anything dangerous we might inhale. Even without nicotine, this liquid can hurt your epithelial defence system and you will be more likely to get sick,” said Dr. Qun Wu, a lung disease researcher at the National Jewish Health in Denver.

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