Easy Cuisine


Pretty simple cooking …

With nowadays fast pace of life it is easier to order a take out pizza or a Chinese beef chow min, than cooking at home.

Consequences are that take away food is bad for your waistline and for your pocket.

The healthy choice is to start cooking at home easy to prepare meals from uncomplicated recipes.

Make meal planning fun and pick seven recipes to change your attitude towards cooking at home…


Chicken and Mushrooms

1 chicken
1 medium onion
1 large ripe tomato
1 tea spoon of tomato paste
1 soup spoon of lemon juice
4 garlic
2 bay leaves
1 tin of mushrooms or 250 g of fresh mushrooms
Salt and pepper to taste

In a pot place the diced onion, peeled and diced tomato, lemon juice, tomato paste, crushed garlic, 2 bay leaves, salt and pepper. Mix well and on top place the chicken.

Cover with water and cook for 30 minutes. Add the mushrooms and cook for a further 10 minutes.

Before serving sprinkle with chopped parsley.

Serve with white rice or tomato rice, boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes, spaghetti and a salad.


Galinha com Cogumelos

1 galinha Inteira cortada aos quartos
1 cebola media
1 tomate grande maduro
1 colher de chá de pasta de tomate
1 colher de sopa de sumo de limão
4 alhos
2 folhas de louro
1 lata de cogumelos ou 250 g de cogumelos frescos.
Sal e pimenta a gosto
Salsa picada fresca

Põe-se num tacho a cebola picada, tomate pelado e cortado aos bocadinhos, sumo de limão, pasta de tomate, alho esmagado, louro, sal e pimenta , misture tudo e por cima a galinha.

Cobre-se com àgua e cozinha durante 30 minutos. Adicionam-se os cogumelos e coze durante mais dez minutos. Polvilhe com a salsa picada antes de servir.

Serve-se com arroz branco, ou arroz de tomate, batata cozida ou puré, massa esparguete e uma salada.