The era of the Petticoat Parlour

The era of the Petticoat Parlour

When setting foot into Petticoat Parlour, which is owned by Wendy Chait, you will be forgiven if you thought you have stepped through a time portal. With a picture of Marilyn Monroe at the entrance to greet you, one is instantly transported to the enchanting era of the 1950s.

“Being in the modelling industry, beauty inspired me and I love the 50’s era. I love the fashion, I think the women were elegant and the cars were beautiful,” Wendy said as she explained her motive for the themed parlour.


When waiting to have yourself beautified, you can have a seat on a custom made pink couch as you allow your surroundings to visually take you away. In front of the couch is an antique mirror, one of the few antiques in the place. Everything else is custom made, such as the black and white tiles, the candy counter (I know, right) and the Jukebox. Speaking of which belts out sounds of yesteryear ranging from the 50’s to the 80’s which seems to be the clients favourite according to Wendy.

“We started with just playing 50’s music but it got a bit much for the clients, they prefer the 80’s,” she said.


Refreshments are offered as you wait and this makes it ideal for women who come with their children, not to mention the flamboyant colours of pink, white and turquoise that seem to further allure you into this fantasy world. Do not be fooled by thinking that Petticoat Parlour is just for women, oh no, Wendy tells us that they have male clients too but they are in the minority.

However, prospects are looking good on gaining more male clientele as they offer laser hair removal which is what most men come for.


Hair removal can be done in the summer and works on all skin and hair colours. Wendy mentioned that usually hair removal machines struggle to pick up blonde hair but because their laser machine has radiofrequency, which is colour blind, it is suitable for all hair and skin colour. The best part about it is that it is pain free!

Being a model and a beauty parlour owner, we were sure Wendy would have some good beauty tips for us, and this is her advice: Investing in a decent sun screen, eye cream is vital, a good serum to repair your skin at night, nutritional supplements, which can also be bought at Petticoat Parlour and of course drinking lots of water.


If you are in need of hair removal, nutritional supplements, a manicure, pedicure, lash extensions, a well deserved massage or laser hair removal, why not make a turn by Petticoat Parlour in Suite 1, 1st Floor Paramount Place, 105 Main Road, Greenpoint.

You can contact them on 021 434 9484, drop them a line on or visit their website on for more information.


Chilton Mellem
Editor, With a National Diploma in Journalism from CPUT and experience as a newspaper reporter, Chilton shares Dino’s passion for the Portuguese community in South Africa.