Ernesto Pereira’s SilverWoodHouse design

Ernesto Pereira's SilverWoodHouse design

Would you take on a job that requires little specs on no budget has been given? Not? I didn’t think so. Well, one man, Ernesto Pereira, was brave enough to take on an architectural job just 14 miles north of Porto.

This job came from a couple while he was in the middle of planning to do his own beach house. What was great about receiving this task was that there was no deadline as well. The only instructions were that the dwelling feel good to the owners and have some form of art.

It was very important to meet the owners exhaustively, as well as their tastes and their foibles, routines and pleasures, and present a solution: the SilverWoodHouse. I decided to take the beach to my clients, so that they could feel everyday the proximity of the dunes, sand and worn wood,” Ernesto Pereira said.

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