Fado a Portuguese style of music

Fado a Portuguese style of music

Fado is a Portuguese style of music that was elevated to the rank of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

The word fado comes from fatum Latin, and this is one of the most popular explanations which refers to the origin of the Lisbon fado to the song of the Moors, who in turn remained in the neighborhood of Mouraria.

However, the fate just happened to be really known in 1840 in the streets of Lisbon, and to date only the sailor fate was known.

Many people still feel a bit curious to know what it really means the fado.

The truth is that this type of fado comes from our ancestors, where the taverns were places of encounter between nobles, artists, workers of the gardens, popular and foreigners gathered to sing and enjoy the retail fado.

The topics most sung in fado focus mainly on longing, nostalgia, jealousy, little stories of everyday life of neighborhoods and labors Bulls.

This classic fado singers that stand out:

  • Carlos Ramos,
  • Alfredo Joiner,
  • Maria Amelia Proenca,
  • Berta Cardoso,
  • Maria Teresa de Noronha,
  • Herminia Silva,
  • Fernando Farinha,
  • Fernando Mauricio,
  • Lucilia do Carmo
  • Manuel de Almeida.

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