FC Porto is in the quarter-finals

FC Porto is in the quarter-finals

If you missed last night’s match between FC Porto and Basel, where were you!? FC Porto managed to score their way into the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals beating Basel 4-0. This is the first time they have qualified since the 2008/2009 season.

They went into the tie with a draw in the previous outing, but Porto had the upper hand with that important away goal, which doesn’t really matter now. With goals from Brahimi and Casemiro, from a direct free-kick and Herrera and Aboubakar to secure an impressive 4 goal thrashing over Basel. This demonstration of superiority and class reminded the 4-0 beating to the Swiss team, Sion, in Estádio das Antas, in 1992.

Now onto the quarter-finals,  history shows that this won’t be easy, even when being the favourites they have dropped out to the likes of Malaga and Schalke04. But things are looking good as FC Porto and Chelsea are the only two teams left that haven’t lost a game, and with them having the second highest attack with 21 goals, things can’t get any better.

Now all Porto can do is wait to see who their next opponents will be.

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