Fernando Pessoa’s maritime reflections

fernando's maritime reflections

We all can appreciate a good piece of literature, and nothing evokes the mind so as a good poem.

Through the ages, we have seen many skilled wordsmiths such as Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Wilde etc. Each of them having their work adapted into theatre.

Now, a Portuguese poet by the name of Fernando Pessoa, who lived between the years of 1888 and 1935, will have one of his poems adapted into a play.

The play lasts for 70 minutes and is called “Ode Marítima”, which in English translates to “Maritime Ode”.

The poem is a reflection of life through vivid gestures of the sea and takes one through the cruelties and beauties of life and death.

The play is performed in Portuguese but for those who do not understand Portuguese, there is an English translation. However, the performance, which is done by Diogo Infante, is quite fast paced and English speaking audiences will have to have a swift eye to keep up with both actor and translation.

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