About the Festa dos Santos de Janeiro

About the Festa dos Santos de Janeiro

The Festa dos Santos de Janeiro festival has always been celebrated at the Portuguese Association for many years but for some unforeseen reason it was changed and this year it will be celebrated at St. Agnes church in Woodstock.

St Agnes church is well known to the Portuguese Community as many of our people lived in Woodstock particularly in the 1960”s and 1970’s. The suburb of Woodstock was then known as small Madeira due to a great number of Portuguese immigrants that made their homes there. Most  of their children attended St. Agnes Catholic school which is next to the church

The parish is now home to the Portuguese Chaplain and therefore many Portuguese people still attend Holy Mass there.

The Church grounds are in need of upgrading and the proceeds of this festa will go towards this project.

If anyone would like to make a donation in anyway, you may contact Judy Virissimo on 0827727776.