#FF, what does it mean?

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Simple Twitter Tips: What Does #FF Mean?

To explain this we look at Alicia Cowan – Online marketing for business success. From her blog there is plenty you can learn about social media, and today we are sharing with you the meaning of #FF, as it seems to be quite a popular question in the Twitter world.

Alicia explains quite amusingly how she felt when she first started receiving the #FF tag… Left out, confused and wondering where she could get one.

The hashtag FF is simply an abbreviation for  #FollowFriday which was created back in 2009 by Twitter users and since then has become a Friday routine for many people and businesses alike. When you use the #FF tag it is somewhat of a shout out, or an appreciation to whoever you tag in the tweet.

What we have noticed and yes we have used it this way ourselves, that people add the #FF and then just add a lot of people to the message like this:

badff-6101But Alicia is teaching us the correct way, which is adding a reason for your recommendation. She says that it is counterproductive to just add names. The correct way is to do something like this:

good-ff-1-6101She states that doing it this way you are giving the person more reason to listen where as just adding names, people can easily label you as a Spammer, which is definitely not what you want.

If you ever do receive a #FF from someone be sure to respond with a thank you. The #FF is also a good practice for your business, where if using it correctly, can get you some new quality followers.

Use it to show off other businesses you feel strongly about, or use it to thank people who have re-tweeted one of your tweets.

Go on and get cracking, after all it is #FF today!

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