Five tips for Christmas


Christmas is just two days away everyone and there are still some of us wondering what we are going to do, what are we going to eat and who are we going to invite. Checking and rechecking our lists to see that we have not missed out on anything or anyone.

Well, here is a list of five things to do this Christmas that could prove to make your Christmas a bit healthier and more engaging.

With the festive season at hand, you can bet there will be more than enough programming on television to keep you glued to your sofa. Endless Christmas movies that you have seen the year before will be making an appearance on the tube again. Make some effort to get up and do a little activity by taking a walk instead of plonking yourself down after your hearty meal.

Doing good for others always makes one appreciate what we have and makes us feel good inside as well. This festive season, why not spend some time with someone who would value the company. After all, the best things in life are free.


Now that you are on holiday, chances are, so is your brain. Try and keep the brain cells active by playing games such as charades, 30 seconds or Sudoku. This will also allow you to engage with the rest of your family members and friends while still having fun.

Even though it’s summer time and the weather might appear to be warm, we are still having days where the weather appears to be a bit in between. This allows for many of us to fall prey to colds and flu’s, so please take care of your health and stock up on the vitamin C.


Lastly, with the mad rush and hustle and bustle of getting the last bit of your Christmas shopping done, it can be a bit chaotic. Rushing past the countless shoppers and trying to find the best parking space at the mall. Then there is the worry that you have remembered everything on your to-do-list. Stress is the last thing you need during the festive season. Try to take it easy and don’t stress, take some time out for yourself, read a book or do whatever it is that makes you happy.

With that said a very merry Christmas to you.