Foxy finds ditched man

Foxy finds ditched man

Talk about paying it forward from man’s best friend. Foxy, a pooch from Ponte de Lima was able to find a 73-year-old man who went missing for almost a week.

Foxy was being taken for a walk by her owners when they noticed that their mongrel was acting rather strange. Fortunately, they decided to let Foxy lead them where she wanted to go.

There they discovered Joaquim Dias in a ditch, not far from the nursing home that he was in. They found him “injured” and “undernourished” but fortunately, he was still alive and conscious at that.

“We usually take Foxy on walks around the area but this time we noticed she kept going to a specific spot. My husband realised that something was wrong, and that’s when he saw the man in the ditch,” said Alexandra Pereira.

As you can imagine, everyone who was looking for Joaquim was relieved but none could be more relieved than his daughter, Inês.

So back to the paying it forward part, it turns out that Foxy was found in a “fragile” state by her owners and now she has saved someone else’s life.

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