Freitas brothers rock Amigos new stage

de freitas

After South Africa’s shock of being downgraded to junk status and the fact that smoking cannabis alone at home is boring, everyone was in need of a good FESTA.

On Sunday the 2nd April the Amigos Portugueses hosted once again the Freitas brothers and father from Madeira at the Portuguese club of Cape Town. The club has undergone some long overdue changes and upgrades, among them the new stacker doors on the side, opening the club to the newly built, and still in progress, stage for the artist to perform on together with a brand new tiled dance floor.

All these alterations were made possible with the donations from the local community as well as some not so local folks. To say that the show was a raving success is an understatement. People from all walks of life came to FESTA it up. There were people from the local community as well as groups from the Garden Route, which had specifically made it a weekend away, including the group from the Breede valley and our local Harley Group riders that had been away on an overnight ride, and came to FESTA it up with us.

The smoke from the fires as well as the different aromas of the various foods permeating the air had everyone salivating. There was Portuguese style braai grilled chicken, delicious calamari by Seafood Palace, chips, fried mielie meal, malaçadas, bifanas (thin pork slices in a bread roll), rissois de camarao and last but not least, the famous Espetada. There was cakes on sale and the ladies selling the Amigos apparel and of course the regular Coke Can trailer selling those all-important ice cold drinks.

There was jewelry on sale, a waterless car wash facility was available on site, a variety of Portugueses sauces were on sale and for the first time ever, there was a tattoo artist that was kept busy throughout the day. The amazing Poncha bar as well as the traditional bar kept all those suffering from the dry parched throat syndrome, hydrated with the ice cold, freshly made Poncha, a traditional drink from Madeira.

Together with the Freitas brothers we had the magnificent Kanimambo band that got and kept everyone on the newly completed tiled dance floor. There was an amazing display of Harley Davidson motor bikes as well as super cars and even cars from our nostalgic past. All this as well as fantastic weather led to a very festive ambiance that kept the crowds partying it up till late in the evening.
We can honestly say that the Portuguese club, with the assistance of the Amigos, is on the way up and is bringing more and more families and friends to the club. The colourful decorations across the length of the area, the variety of umbrellas providing the much needed shade, all the bright green palm branches, the laughter in the air, the hugs and kisses, the children running made for a great FESTA!

Thank you for a great FESTA!

Article Credit: Henrique Da Silva

Photo Credit: Nanda Da Silva (You can see more photo’s here)