Fuel Price to dip


So with bated breath we waited for the petrol price to take a dip last month, and boy was the wait worth it. It was a big one with a whopping record-breaking drop of over a Rand.

Even though it came towards the end of some people’s holiday period, a drop in petrol and diesel prices was well received.

It seems like the petrol gods have found favour with us as we might see another massive petrol drop in February.

According to economist, Mike Schussler, the petrol price is expected to drop by another R1.00.

“It seems the oil price collapse is just continuing, and the effect will be another big decrease in the petrol price next month which will save the economy much money. It also seems the bottom for oil prices could be below $40 a barrel for Brent – and that means the price would have fallen by nearly two thirds. That has not happened in our working lifetime, ever,” Schussler said.

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