Getting to Portugal’s centre

getting to Portuga's centre

When planning on visiting Portugal, what comes to mind? The luscious vineyards of Oporto? Or checking out the busy capital of Lisbon?

But why should the North of Portugal have all the fun? There are plenty of treasures to the centre of Portugal if one just pays enough attention.

Try the beaches for a change, surfing legend, Garrett McNamara  has been making waves on the coast of  Praia do Norte beach, quite literally. Other places of splendour along the coastline are the uninhabited Berlengas islands and the fishing town of Peniche.

One does not have to worry about breaking the bank when looking for a place to stay. You will find accommodation to be quite affordable, not to mention luxurious.

There seems to be plenty of space in old castles, mansions and convents which have been converted into places to stay. Just to mention one, try Bussaco Palace, which was built by King Carlos I and got converted into a hotel in 1917.

Much like Stellenbosch, Portugal too has their student city. This city is called Coimbra and is filled with cheap taverns and places to grab a bite.

If you fancy yourself to be a bit of a dare devil, then why not try a new and exotic dish. In Aveiro, you can treat yourself to some eel stew, which happens to be a signature dish there. In Coimbra, you might want to try old goat slowly cooked in red wine.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and explore the rest of Portugal!

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