Goal of the goalkeeper

Goal of the goalkeeper
Goal of the goalkeeper

Wednesday, 27 August, André Petim one of Ajax Cape Town’s footballers had his contract renewed as a first team player for another season.

Not only did he get a new contract, which becomes effective as of 1 September but he was also offered the opportunity to coach junior goal keepers at the club.

“I have always wanted to get into coaching and I have mentioned it to Ajax,” Petim said.

Goal of the goalkeeper

The timing couldn’t be more appropriate as Ajax had just lost their coach and a sponsor. It was then that eyes fell upon Petim to take up position.

“They asked me to be the coach and I agreed, for me it was a no brainer,” Petim said excitedly.

“They are known for their coaching techniques. They bring coaches from Amsterdam to train the coaches here at Ajax, so it’s good to see how things are being done in Europe,” Petim continued.

He would like to take his past experiences as a goal keeper and pass it onto the youth.

“One has your own style and method which I will pass on,” he said.

The youth that Petim will be coaching range from ages 8 to 18. He said that even though he is starting with the juniors, he would like to eventually go on to coach the seniors.

“At the moment I can still play so I can’t be a coach for the seniors,” he chuckles. “I am excited about it and Ajax had a good start to the season so I am just looking forward to the season ahead,” is the thought that Petim left us with.

Chilton Mellem
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