Google maps out Robben Island

Google maps out Robben Island
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So, in our free time, we have all dabbled a little bit on Google Maps and looked for familiar places.

Most of all, we have Googled our place of residence for sport. Now, Google Maps has rolled out uncharted territory. For the first time and just five days before the country celebrates Freedom Day, they have released a street view of Robben Island.

Now anyone around the world will be able to log onto the internet from their PC, or smart phone device and connect to the historic Island where Nelson Mandela and so many others spent many years in exile.

Google partnered with the Robben Island Museum to make this heritage landmark virtually accessible. Now children will be able to log on at school and view various places such as Nelson Mandela’s prison cell and Robert Sobukwe’s house. It will also have an audio feature to engage the younger generation further.

“Not being able to see or interact with children for 20 years was possibly the most difficult thing to endure during my time on the island… There is therefore a kind of poetic justice that children in classrooms all over the world will now be able to visit Robben Island using this technology,” said Ahmed Kathrada a former prisoner of the island.

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