Fernanda Luz casts her hand among the stars

Fernanda casts her hand among the stars

We have all marveled at the awesome glow of Charlize Theron’s golden hair. But behind that chic shine, are a set of incredibly talented fingers belonging to none other than Fernanda Luz, who once had the opportunity to colour her hair.

Fernanda casts her hand among the stars - Nicolas Cage in Lord of War

A firm believer that your job should be your hobby, she has managed to take her career to soaring heights. This international hairstylist and makeup artist has also worked with many other big names in the business. She has been in the circles of Nicolas Cage and has been Katie Holmes’ key hairstylist.

Even though she spends a lot of time abroad, she has also touched on some of our local stars such as Jeannie D and Tracy Mc Gregor.


Her love for hair came at the tender age of 12 when she was sent to the shop by her mother and walked past a hair salon.

“I stayed there for hours and decided that that’s what I wanted to do, there was no persuading me,” Fernanda said.

From there she started practicing her craft wherever she could, from her two sisters with long hair to her dolls.

“I was 15 at a record bar and I told this girl that I could do her hair the way she wore it,” she said. After being given the opportunity and successfully executing the hairstyle, Fernanda was recommended by this girl.


Unfortunately Fernanda’s parents were not too pleased with her new love as they were devout Christians, they felt that this industry made women vain and God did not want that.

She did not allow this to slow her down and at the age of 19, she got married and started practicing her trade. “It was the happiest day of my life when I became a hairdresser,” she exclaimed.

After doing her apprenticeship for three years, she did a trade test, which Fernanda recalls costing R25 and not having the money for. Fortunately, the owner of the Italian salon she was working for sponsored her. It was not long after that till Fernanda was well on her way to opening her own business.


She has also entered hairdressing competitions and has excelled by winning the Western Province Hairdressing Championships.
Today Fernanda has a master’s degree in hairdressing and her own salon at home from where she teaches others the tricks of the trade.
Fernanda also grounds herself by doing charity work by feeding the needy through her church.

“If it wasn’t for faith, I wouldn’t be here today. Wherever I am in the world, I find a church and pray,” she admits.

“I would also not survive without my two daughters and son. Whenever you are down, they pick you up,” she continued.

With such a busy schedule, no matter what she might be doing, Fernanda remains firmly with her hands among and on the stars.

Chilton Mellem
Editor, With a National Diploma in Journalism from CPUT and experience as a newspaper reporter, Chilton shares Dino’s passion for the Portuguese community in South Africa.


  1. “Friends come into our lives and friends leave our lives. But friends never leave our hearts. And always get to stay in the best places in our hearts. R.I.P Fernanda.