Happy Portugal Day!

Happy Portugal Day!

Olá everyone, today is a big day on the Portuguese calendar, yip, you guessed it, and let us be the first to say a very happy Portugal Day to you!

Today is the day that we commemorate the death of national literary icon, Luís de Camões. Even though we acknowledge the day, it is rather unfortunate that we do not get the holiday as our fellow brothers and sisters in Portugal.

Camões wrote the most important piece of literature in Portugal today which focused on the success of 15th century Portuguese exploration.

But Camões  was quite the adventurer himself, legend has it, he survived a shipwreck and swam with one arm while holding his other arm in the air containing his priceless poem.

That is a little back story on this special day and we hope that all the mothers and grandmothers are cooking up your favourite Portuguese dish to celebrate. Enjoy!