Home Secretary Theresa May grants more funds to find Madeleine McCann

Theresa May grants more funds to find Madeleine McCann
Home Secretary Theresa May has granted extra money to the search

The search for Madeleine Mccann, the young girl who disapeared 9 years ago, was set to come to an end, but thanks to Home Secretary Theresa May, the search will go on for another 6 months.

She has granted Scotland Yard extra funds of nearly £95,000 to carry on the search.

Maddie’s gran Susan Healy said the Met Police’s renewed commitment would give the family a boost. She said: “This is good news and they must think it is worth continuing.”

Susan from Liverpool – Kate’s mum – added: “We are very grateful for that.”

The number of officers working on the case, cut from 30 at its peak to just four last autumn, will remain the same.


A Scotland Yard spokesperson said yesterday: “The inquiry has not reached a conclusion. There are still focused lines of investigation to be pursued.

There are no immediate plans to reduce office numbers further at this time.”

Three-year-old Maddie disappeared from holiday apartment in Portugal’s Praia da Luz in May 2007 while her parents were dining nearby with pals.

When Operation Grange is finally closed and if Maddie is still missing Kate and Gerry from Rothley, Leics, will pay for their own team of private eyes to continue looking.

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