Hope at the end of the assembly line


We have commented last week that the situation at the Volkswagen assembly plant was a motive for concern for the Portuguese immigrants that keep sending their savings to their homeland, not only to create a better future for themselves, but also to strengthen the Portuguese economy.

It seems that at least for the moment the good judgment has prevailed as the first Saturday of work at the Autoeuropa has taken place precisely this weekend.

The Volkswagen factory plans to assemble exclusively in Portugal for exportation the new crossover T-Roc, a cousin of the Audi Q2, a more flamboyant model compared to the TIguan.

The Autoeuropa expects to reach this year in Palmela a 240.00 vehicle production, the vast majority of the new model T-Roc.

In response to the volume of production of the T-Roc, the German company hired 2,000 more workers, who join the 3,000 present workforce of the Portuguese Volkswagen plant.

The Autoeuropa workforce showed for work in Palmela factory as required under the new transitional timetable imposed unilaterally by the company, after the rejection of two previous agreements negotiated with the workers.

The worker’s unions do not agree with the mandatory work on Saturdays, the Autoeuropa workers also believe that the compensation proposal is inadequate in the face of what this change will result in their family life.

Autoeuropa will pay on Saturdays to the normal value of a day’s work plus 100%. There is also a further 25% bonus if production goals are met quarterly.

Despite the differences in the new transitional schedule applies to the month of July, which is the peak Summer holydays period, the administration and Commission of workers will continue to negotiate the new labour agreement.

Os trabalhadores da Autoeuropa cumprem hoje o primeiro sábado de trabalho obrigatório na fábrica de Palmela no âmbito do novo horário transitório imposto unilateralmente pela empresa, após a rejeição de dois pré-acordos negociados previamente com a Comissão de Trabalhadores.

A Autoeuropa promete pagar os sábados ao valor normal de um dia de trabalho acrescido de 100%. A este valor pago pelo trabalho ao sábado a empresa admite juntar ainda mais 25%, caso sejam cumpridos os objetivos de produção trimestrais.

A Autoeuropa deverá atingir este ano uma produção de 240.00 automóveis, a grande maioria do novo modelo T-Roc, veículo que o grupo alemão Volkswagen pretende construir exclusivamente na fábrica de automóveis de Palmela.

Para dar resposta ao volume de produção do T-Roc, a Autoeuropa já contratou mais 2.000 trabalhadores, que se juntam aos 3.000 que trabalhavam na fábrica da Volkswagen em Palmela.