How to be an espresso connoisseur


So you need that morning jolt but a normal cup of coffee won’t do, how about trying an espresso.

Yes, it is bitter but that should not diminish its value. Little do people know that there is an art to drinking an espresso. Want to learn? Here we go.

How to be an espresso connoisseur


When an espresso is made, it goes through a process of high pressure as it is filtered through a basket. This gives it a little foam at the top called foama. The more foama is on your espresso, the bitterer it is.

An espresso is usually layered and you will find that the top part of the coffee is watery and weak while the bottom is stronger. This is why you should stir your espresso to give it an even taste.

Do not lick the spoon, if you do, you will get that bitter taste and that might just ruin the experience for you.

When an espresso is too hot, it is unpleasant, try and wait for it to cool down. Your beverage should be about 60 degrees Celsius to consume it.

Finish your espresso with a small glass of water.

An espresso in Portuguese is known as a Bica and it gets drunk like clockwork unlike the Italians.

Delta Cafés,  Nicola Cafés and Beira Douro are just some of the brands you can try when you are in Portugal.

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