Hugo Viega’s video campaign goes viral

Hugo Viega's video campaign goes viral
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The latest commercial campaign for Dove has become the most viral online video campaign to date.

And guess what? The man behind it is a 32-year-old Portuguese by the name of Hugo Viega. The aim of this campaign was to make women realise how beautiful they actually were.

The video begins with an FBI forensic artist, who is stationed in a San Francisco loft. With a curtain between him and the subject, he begins to ask women to describe themselves. When he is done, they leave without him seeing them. This goes continues with several women.

Afterwards, the women are asked to describe each other to the artist. The difference between the self described portrait and the portrait described by the stranger seem to tell two different stories.

Hugo says the moral of the video is as follows: “You are more beautiful that you think. Start to value the positive aspects you have and don’t give so much importance to imperfections”.

See the video below:

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