Idiotic Portuguese idioms

Idiotic Portuguese idioms

When faced with the dilemmas of everyday life or when celebrating opportunities of fortune, there never seems to be a bad moment to draw on the wisdom of a good idiom.

Idioms seem to give us some kind of meaning or understanding of what we are going through or experiencing. It also gives us the reassurance that someone has experienced this before and that we are not alone.

Like in any nation or culture, it comes with their own pearls of wisdom but there are just some Portuguese sayings that make no sense at all.

Like wishing that person we absolutely loath would just keel over we could respond with “Ir com os porcos” which means “go with the pigs” in English. This simply means “die” but the question is, where do the pigs fit in?

How about “Estar com os Azeites” which translates into “being with the olive oils”. The meaning of this is to be in a bad mood. And all the time I thought olive oil was good for you.

I think the next one goes to Nandos, “Muitos anos a virar frangos” which translates into “many years turning chickens”. This is used to display knowledge or having a lot of experience.

I would like to embellish on the saying, “pentear macacos” which translates as “comb monkeys” but I think that would be enough for now.

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