Jeremy Clarkson’s fist unleashed

Jeremy Clarkson unleashes fists of fury

Oh Jeremy Clarkson, what have you done now?

Love him or hate him, we all know that he is the magnum opus that brings BBC’s Top Gear to life.

While he is known for being a motor mouth, his words have packed quite a punch. For example, there was a time when he called Mexicans lazy. Now, it seems Jeremy has let his fist do the talking and directed it at his 36-year-old producer, Oisin Tymon.

Apparantly, the British broadcaster unleashed his fists of fury when he was offered a cold platter at a luxury hotel and told that the chef had already gone home.

All Jeremy wanted was a good old piece of steak after a long day of shooting, was that too much to ask for?

Now, he has been suspended from the BBC. But, if you are feeling sorry for Mr Clarkson, the good news is that someone took the time to form an online petition to keep him on.

After all, Top Gear is no fun without Jeremy taking the Mickey out of everyone and there is no chance that I am watching the American version of Top Gear.


  1. Magnum opus:

    “a work of art, music, or literature that is regarded as the most important or best work that an artist, composer, or writer has produced.”

    So, how can a human being be that?