João Arbués great toy collection

João's great toy collection

A museum in Portugal is allowing people to awaken the childhood in them with three floors full of toys.

The toy museum in Sintra, started by João Arbués boasts a proud collection of 60 000 toys. They range from girl and boy toys, dolls, soldiers, cars, board games and the list goes on.

João grew up in a wealthy family and had no problem collecting toys, in fact, his grandparents used to give him plenty of toys. Growing up, João even had an account at one of the best toy stores in Lisbon.

Even though he received his tertiary education in England, the idea of one day starting a toy museum had already been deeply rooted.

The Museum has a lot of sentimental pieces in it, such as Nazi soldiers and a red pedal car which is João’s very own and takes distinction above all toys. It even has a wing dedicated to Portuguese toys.

João and his wife started the museum from home but eventually found themselves running out of space. Eventually, they managed to find space in the old fire station, where the museum still stands today.

If you cannot make it to João’s toy store in Sintra, the good news is that there is a toy museum in Stellenbosch.

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