John Legend admires Portuguese prison

John Legend admires Portuguese prison

American singer and songwriter, John Legend had planned a performance at the MEO Marés Vivas festival in Vila Nova de Gaia.

But while this was his main objective, he found time to make a turn at a Portuguese prison and was quite impressed with what he found.

The prison he visited was the Santa Cruz Prison where he admired the way prisons were helping prisoners with integration as well as rehabilitation.

“We have a lot to learn from countries like Portugal, which work in a smarter way, with fairer initiatives and better rehabilitation programmes for ex-drug addicts. In the US we have too many solitary prisons, too many inhumane conditions, too many children incarcerated and sentences that are too long for everything ,” he said.

Some of the programmes include agriculture and livestock business. This has resulted in 1500 litres of milk being produced by the prison on a weekly basis.

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