Karl White guides Algarve

Karl White guides Algarve

One has to give it up to Karl-Bradshaw White, who has shown incredible initiative as well as tried to live a totally diverse life.

A recent achievement of his is a tour guide which has taken him two years to complete. The guide includes photographs taken by Karl White himself, information, fun facts and 54 chosen locations in Algarve alone.

Karl White is an established artist, specialising in miniature art and has lived in Algarve for the past 10 years. The inspiration came to Karl to make a tour guide as he found that there was a lack of imagination for both visitors and locals alike.

The artist has three more projects in the pipeline, but in the meantime this guide is available for purchase on amazon.com but is also available on other online stores such as WH Smith, Waterstones, Blackwell’s, Foyles and Smashwords.

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