Largest bobbin lace unveiled in Portugal

Largest bobbin lace unveiled in Portugal

Let’s start off with explaining what exactly a bobbin lace is because the first time I read this article I had no idea what a bobbin lace was.

“Bobbin lace is a lace textile made by braiding and twisting lengths of thread, which are wound on bobbins to manage them. As the work progresses, the weaving is held in place with pins set in a lace pillow, the placement of the pins usually determined by a pattern or pricking pinned on the pillow.” Wikipedia

Some of the residents of the Vila do Conde city in Portugal spent 1 year creating the largest bobbin lace ever made. The Portuguese lace-makers ‘The Rendilheiras’ recently completed it and was presented at an event on the Bobbin Lacemaker Official Day, to honour the historical handcraft tradition of the town.

These skilled ladies broke the record by creating a masterpiece that was 53.262 square metres which was an incredible 3m² more than what was required for them to break the record.

They worked on the giant bobbin made by 437 30 x 30 cm uniquely designed squares which was then put together to create this visually spectacular piece of work.

Fortuna Burke was the official from the Guinness World Records who attended the unveiling and presented the ladies with their certificate.

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