Laughter is the Best Medicine

Nelson De Gouveia Featured

They say laughter is the best medicine and nothing could be truer for Nelson De Gouveia as he tells us about a joke he invented about a wizard trying to perform a levitation spell on a piglet.

There is no denying that stand up comedy is Nelson’s passion but as reality dictates, he has a day job. The fortunate thing is that his day job latches quite closely to one of his many loves-video games.

“I love video games, I have been playing since my dad had it in his corner shop. I went to the UK and became a game tester,” De Gouveia expressed.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

He continued to share the irony that his mom would be peeved at him for always playing video games and as an adult he got paid to do what he loved.

“I was interested in doing something creative with my life from an early age. When I told my mother that I was playing video games for a living, she didn’t care as long as I was making money,” he chuckles.

De Gouveia also seems to be quite a movie boffin and admits that he even reads movie trivia.

Nelson De Gouveia at Party Piece 2009

He has recently come out of a relationship but admits that even though his roots are very much Portuguese, he has never dated a Portuguese woman.

I have never dated a Portuguese woman and then my mom told me I can’t date my cousin, “ he jokes.

Seeing as though he can turn any situation into a funny one, we wanted to hear his take on the infamous knock-knock joke.

“You know the thing about knock-knock jokes is that they are so corny, I wish I thought of them. With jokes, there are formulas to follow, you have the set up and then the punch line. With knock-knock jokes it’s the same. Now I can tell stories, I can tell stories about various things,” he explains.

And it is this story telling that has landed him various gigs, though he admits that the stories he tells comes from personal experience.

Nelson at Car Crash Comedy 2012

So what are the plans for the future for this man of the mic? Well, we know that he loves to write as he studied multimedia, design and production. This has led to him writing some scripts which can be found on his site, .

So watch this space because the next series or movies script could be coming from Nelson De Gouveia.

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