Lawyer fights 17-year-old’s case for free

Lawyer fights 17-year-old's case for free

It is not always easy to do the right thing, especially when there is no gain for us.
But for a lawyer in Portugal, standing up for what is right meant more to him than making money.
Ricardo Sá Fernandes, took up the case of a helpless 17-year-old, Leandro Monteiro, who was accused of child sex abuse. This allegation came with a heavy penalty as he was wrongfully jailed for this.

Fortunately Sá Fernandes decided to take on the case and did not charge a cent. His belief in the justice system was worth more.

“Our objective was never to ask money from anyone. What we want is that a case like this doesn’t happen again – and I am going to see to it that this young man gets the right support and a chance to retrieve his life,” said Sá Fernandes.

The 12-year-old and six-year-old who were the alleged victims of Monteiro withdrew their statements for unknown reasons. A psychologist also produced a report showing that Monteiro did not fit the profile of the abuser.

When Sá Fernandes won the case, Monteiro still did not know what was going on. But his lawyers rushed to hug him which evoked such emotion, that even the police were moved to tears.

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