Leandro Carreira reigns Climpson’s Arch

Leandro Carreira reigns Climpson’s Arch

Climpson’s Arch, also home to Climpson & Sons Coffee Roastery & Coffee Bar,  is a restaurant residency offering a platform for young chefs and the rising stars of the food world to cook and perform.

So far the Arch has produced chefs such as Dave Pynt, who now has a successful restaurant in Singapore. His successor Tomos Parry won Chef of the Year at the Young British Foodies awards last year and went on to lead star-studded Mayfair restaurant Kitty Fishers. Andy Oliver’s Som Saa, is now well on the way to becoming a permanent restaurant having smashed a crowdfunding goal.


In October 2015 Leandro Carreira took the reigns as L.C. at Climpson’s Arch.

Born and raised in Leiria in Portugal, Leandro’s passion for food has taken him on a journey around the world via the Michelin-starred kitchens of Viajante and Mugaritz and collaborations with James Lowe of Lyle’s and Junya Yamasaki formerly of  Koya.  At L.C you will find dishes with a strong focus on textures and bold flavours, with a big pull on Leo’s Portuguese roots.

“The food at L.C. will have Portuguese flavours and there will be a few traditional dishes but I don’t want to box-in my creative process — the menu will evolve every week,” he explains.


Dishes available at launch will include: grilled cured cod with roasted peppers, white onions, crispy garlic and potatoes; beef with cockle juices; and brioche with sour toffee and caramelised hazelnuts — plus his mum’s recipe for bacalhau (salted cod).

Check out: www.standard.co.uk and www.climpsonsarch.com
Photographer: Matt Golowczynski