Leo saves family from fiery death

Leo saves family from fiery death

Man’s best friend has most certainly lived up to his title as a family pet recently saved the life of his owners.

While they were trying to get a good night’s rest on Wednesday night, Leo kept on with a persistent bark until the late hours of the night.  Unable to ignore the interruption the family got out of their beds to settle the dog.

When they got to their canine, 79-year-old Odete Vales and her two daughters and son, aged 59, 50 and 42 respectively saw what all the racket was about. A fire had broken out at the back of their property right next to a gas bottle.

The family evacuated their home immediately and a few minutes later, their place in Baguim do Monte, Gondomar blew up.

“They lost everything,” said Correio da Manhã, referring to the home and all its contents that were obliterated. But had it not been for their alert four-legged family member, they would not have been here today.

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