Lisbon pride set in rich culture

Lisbon pride set in rich culture
by erro from iceland

Believe it or not, there are people who have not given Portugal a chance as a holiday destination.

There are a few reasons for this, they are still under the impression that Lisbon is riddled with a bad economy, unemployment and struggling to raise itself from a recession.

Fortunately, one can put all these myths behind and look forward to a country that is not struggling at all. One thing that Lisbon prides itself in is its rich culture which is evident from subways to cafes and restaurants.

One example is on the station of Oriente, which boasts an amazing mural of one of Portugal’s greatest explorers, Vasco Da Gama. The art work is done with azulejo, which is a Portuguese style of tilework. When carefully inspected, you can see the old style mix with the new.

One style that does not get old in Lisbon, is the warm and friendly people who offer nothing but sincerity. So next time you are wondering where to go for a holiday destination, why not give Lisbon a try.

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